Donations will go towards Eric Beasley humanitarian projects, while also going towards WHO and Red Cross to fight current health and humanitarian crises.  Including bringing clean water to all.

Funds will help bring resources and star projects to bring relief to people in war zones, natural disasters, heath disasters, and other violent crisis that effect people negatively.  Operations will occur internationally to help as many people possible in any way possible.

Eric Beasley is a strong supporter of BLM and supports in any way possible black lives to form a more perfect future.

BLM donations will go toward movements and resources for black communities (not to BLM foundations).

Funds will be used for protest, support for victims of police brutality and their families, resources for black communities,  and black-owned businesses. 

Most importantly donations will be used to fund resources for young black children... they are the future.


Eric Beasley addresses the full cancer continuum globally through funding research and treatment.
Funds will be used to further funding for cancer treatment and research.
Funds will also support and help the Swiss Cancer League, other organization, and support referral hospitals where cancer is currently addressed and to reach measurable results in countries where ministries of health, hospitals, and civil society partners can make the most significant impact.

Eric Beasley supports the fight against gun violence, we partner with Sandy Hook Foundation to actively fight against gun violence in children schools, homes, and communities.

Funds will go towards our projects and Sandy Hook Foundation operations to fight gun violence, raise awareness, and educate others.

Us at Eric Beasley invest heavily into the future which includes children of the present.  Children shape and make the future of the world and will one day run the world that we leave behind.
With your donations, you and Eric Beasley will help children health (+ surgery) and protection.   Funds will also help and support education, equity for girls, children with disabilities, mental health, and more including child refugees and migrants. 

"Children are the future"
- Eric Beasley, CEO & Chairmen

Diabetes is a major issue internationally and a even bigger issue in the United States.  Eric Beasley funds and support projects to help persons with type 1 diabetes to help them live a healthier and easier life with the disease.
Funds will help people living with type 1 diabetes on a global scale by backing diabetes research, awareness, and advocacy.

Our company is based off plant based and eco friendly innovation, showing that Eric Beasley are big supporters of nature and climate protection.  We support projects internationally that protects the worlds oceans, forest and innovate and promote eco friendly energy sources and renewable energy production.
Donations will help us to continue to generate new ways and improve current systems that clean and protect and clean oceans and forest while allowing us to innovate renewable energy production and sources.