Our Story

Made with Earth & Mankind in Mind

Importance of Sustainability

We have a responsibility to ensure that life can thrive for generations to come. We develop sustainable products and innovate new sustainable materials because we’re dedicated to finding ways to solve today’s problems for a better tomorrow, in design, functionality and performance.

We make products that don't harm the environment, giving the environment and the plants and animals that inhabit it, the respect it deserves.

Made with Earth and Man in mind

(Man is defined as humans)

Mastering the Craft

Along with helping others and the planet, Eric Beasley believes in craftsmanship and quality.

we follow in Eric Beasley's footsteps devote ourselves to beautiful craftsmanship and the best quality no matter the cost.

Eric Beasley sells only the best craftsmanship and quality products, and nothing less.

We even keep the mistake we made in our design for our Legend collection till this day to show we embrace mistakes and is a reminder of where we started and where we are now.


Eric Beasley began with Eric Beasley drawing the logo on a notecard, beginning the legacy.

Started off with a regular white tee expanding into hoodies, sweatshirts, home décor, accessories, and more.  Later, expanding again growing its selection of products to bottoms, athletic wear, and bags.

The belief in eco-friendly and sustainability led to Eric Beasley producing strictly sustainable products that can help everyone have apparel without harming the environment, representing a gaiety lifestyle.

Eric Beasley started off as a logo to make apparel for family and friends and as demand grew           

the brand grew with it and is now available to everyone around the world.

Present-day Eric Beasley products are sustainable and eco-friendly and is sold around the world while representing the Lifestyle.

At Eric Beasley,  giving back and helping those in need is a core value. In areas from the environment and restoration to humanitarian causes, our ongoing commitment to the lifestyle is driven by a vision to create a better world

Eric Beasley


We produce and sell with equality in all aspects.

Eric Beasley supports and inspires equality.

All customers and employees of Eric Beasley are treated equally no matter what.

Self Care
We design and produce our products with mental health and physical health in mind.
Eric Beasley strives to improve mental/physical health and help those who struggle with mental or/and physical health.