Art of Life

The Creation

Created by Eric Beasley at age 15, Eric Beasley is now a international fashion house, a testament of design without sacrificing the planet.  It designs, manufactures, distribute and retail fashion and lifestyle products across the world.

Eric Beasley continues to pursue craftsmanship and pure excellence no matter the cost, releasing only the best to the world.   Along with craftsmanship we want our creations to connect with the you, we want you to enjoy the life with our creations. 

Along with design and craftsmanship, sustainability is just as important when creating Eric Beasley products.  Since the beginning Eric Beasley has only created products in batches so to create a product not for the masses but for you, using sustainable and plant based material while never using any material derived from animals.  Just as we respect our creation, we respect the planet and the lives that reside in and around it.

While Eric Beasley creates products with Earth in mind we also keep you in mind, you are the most important.  Eric Beasley actively helps to improve mental and physical health, while also tacking equality issues through support and programs that help alleviate and solve these issues via the Eric Beasley Foundation.

Eric Beasley continues to expand to represent the new age of fashion and lead the industry into more sustainable production for the sake of the future of fashion.  While Eric Beasley is leading the new age of fashion they are continuing to innovate and improve themselves and their creations to bring even higher quality and craftsmanship to you.

Create to express the art of life.

Eric Beasley